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New Varsity Weight Room Opens

A newly renovated weight room in Anderson Athletic Center will soon be open to varsity student-athletes. With the completion of the Fitness and Wellness center in the fall of 2016 serving the larger campus community, the previous gym and weight room remained open to athletes. The renovations attempt to further meet the needs of Kalamazoo College’s sports teams.

Walking into the weight room you are met with a wall-to-wall black and orange color scheme, complemented by the gleaming silver, as of yet unscratched by use, equipment. The improvements include a turf strip in the hallway outside the weight room, new weight racks, a new dumbbell set, and new platforms among a number of other upgrades. All of the glossy new additions are branded with the bold Kalamazoo College “K”.

When speaking on the decision to refurbish the weight room, newly appointed Head Swimming and Diving Coach Jay Daniels ’13 said, “All the coaches recognized that a new weight room was a necessity for our varsity sports.”

“The goal of renovating the Anderson weight room was to create space for a large group strength and conditioning,” said Ryan McElwain, who has served as an assistant football coach at K since 2009. Speaking on what the weight room meant for student athletes Coach McElwain stated, “The new facility has also allowed for the addition of some specialized equipment for athletics and injury prevention that might be overlooked in a general fitness facility.”

“The new weight room shows an investment in us as athletes,” said swimmer Scott Roberts ’19. “It’s great to have a top of the line place that every sport can use.”

Matthew Ryder ’18, who is participating in his fourth year on the Football team, echoed these sentiments: “I cannot be more thankful to the athletic department for putting this all together. We truly needed it since our athletes make up a large portion of the student body.”

“As a senior I am jealous of the underclassmen,” Ryder said. “It [the weight room] will help create a more winning culture for our teams and our coaches will teach us more discipline by treating the weight room nicely by putting the weights and everything in the proper place.”

The weight room is currently open for team use and will be open to student-athletes for individual use early in the quarter.

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New Varsity Weight Room Opens