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New StuOrg Fills Niche on Campus

The new student organization aims to create a niche for intellectual discussions, brining experience and theory outside classes. (Ogden Wright / Index)

Tanush Jagdish ‘18 was seeking an environment beyond just one for pure academic studies when he came from India to attend Kalamazoo College.

. He envisioned a place where students from diverse backgrounds would gather and explore ideas and relate them through experience in the classroom and in their lives. This way they would develop practical applications from that to impact the world. When he was unable to find such an environment, he founded the Society for Conversations in Advanced Research, or SCAR.

SCAR is a new student organization on campus dedicated to creating a niche for intellectual discussions. Jagdish stressed that the organization is not one dedicated to the sciences, and encourages people from all disciplines to come and contribute to the weekly meetings. He would like to see the organization become one where persons feel comfortable to listen, contribute, and learn from their fellow peers.

“I thought this place [SCAR] could be a collaborative environment for people to come together, irrespective of where they’re from; they could delve deeply into an issue that they’re fashionable about, an idea that fascinates them,” Jagdish said. “There’s that nerd in all of us that want to get out and explore a topic thoroughly and put it on the table.”

In the medium to long term, Jagdish hopes that SCAR will be able to pursue projects that will have an impact, not only within our campus community, but in the surrounding local communities as well.

He believes that when students conduct research they are gaining a wealth of information beyond the theory that they gained in the classroom. The beauty of SCAR is that others would be able to gain that wealth of information through the presentations and the following discussions. For Jagdish, this environment gives students the opportunity to engage in true and meaningful learning.

“True education is when you can incorporate what happens in the classroom with what happens outside; that’s when you really learn, when you connect the theory with the practical, and SCAR I hope can bridge that gap.”

SCAR meets every Thursday from 7 to 8 p.m. and Jagdish is always on the lookout for interested for persons to come in and listen—and to contribute through research.

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New StuOrg Fills Niche on Campus