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New Funding Board Will Bankroll StuOrgs

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Student organizations looking to satisfy urgent funding needs can now submit requests through Kalamazoo College’s temporary StuOrg funding solution.

This structure is completely independent from the former Student Commission, which also may be undergoing significant reform.

Funding requests are currently being handled by the Funding Board, a transitionary body officially managed by Brian Dietz, the Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Student Involvement. Kelly Ohlrich K’16 and Elyse Tuennerman K’18, are both employed by the Office of Student Involvement, and are currently in the process of forming the framework for K’s more permanent, future Funding Board.

“It is a short-term solution to a long-term problem,” Ohlrich said.

Meanwhile, Tuennerman has been researching the Student Organization funding structures from other Great Lakes Invitational Conference Association [GLICA] schools, gaining an understanding of their policies in an attempt to form a functional funding structure for K’s future.

“I’m hopeful,” Tuennerman said as she explained the new Funding Board’s planned structure.

The Funding Board will be comprised of seven elected student members and an employed non-voting secretary. Quarterly elections will place six students and an additional “head” onto a committee, which will vote to either approve or deny student organization funding requests. The Funding Board will be assisted by a non-elected and non-voting “secretary” employed yearlong by the Office of Student Involvement to manage paperwork and other logistical items.

Elections will begin in Winter 2016. Each class will have one guaranteed member, with two additional members not constrained by class finding positions as well. An elected “head” will serve as a vote tiebreaker, and is charged with running the board’s meetings. Candidates will receive $25 for campaign funding. Students interested in campaigning in Winter 2016 for a position on the Funding Board should wait for more information regarding the election schedule.

Ohlrich and Tuennerman have expressed that the fine details of the new Funding Board’s structure are subject to change as they seek to refine its structure.

For further details, contact Dietz, Ohlrich, or Tuennerman. Funding request help can be found in the Hick’s Kitchen on Mondays (12:30—2:30), Tuesdays (7:00—8:00) and on Fridays (1:00—2:30).

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New Funding Board Will Bankroll StuOrgs