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Mozina Balances Teaching with Writing of His Own

Andy Mozina teaches in the English department when he’s not writing fiction of his own (via Mary Whalen)

Andy Mozina was almost a lawyer.

After graduating from Northwestern University with a degree in economics, he attended law school for about a year before he took a leave. He then dropped out of law school, and earned a Master’s degree in creative writing from Boston University. Afterwards, he earned his Doctorate in English literature from Washington University.

Born in Brooksfield, Wisconsin, Mozina says his interest in English began in creative writing classes at Northwestern. Although teaching fiction writing wasn’t always his plan, Mozina now balances his teaching schedule with writing fiction of his own. He has been teaching at K College since 1999.

“Whenever I hear people say ‘Party like it’s 1999,’ I always [think] about my first year here,” Mozina said. “I thought it was fantastic. I love study abroad, and I love the Senior Individualized Project. I love the internship program. So I thought this was a righteous institution.”

Mozina teaches a First Year Seminar called Coauthoring Your Life, Introduction to Creative Writing, Intermediate Fiction Workshop, Advanced Fiction Workshop, and an advanced Literary course called Modernism and Sacrifice.

Mozina has a strong belief in writing as an art form. He says writing has great meaning for him.

“Writing is a way to process experience, a way to make it comprehensible, a way to make it interesting, even to make it beautiful if the writing goes very well,” he said. “It’s trying to capture the complexity of life and in doing so, give it meaning.”

He has two published collections of short stories. The first, “The Women Were Leaving Their Men, won the Great Lakes Colleges Association New Writers Award, while his second one, “Quality Snacks”, was a finalist for The Flannery O’Connor Short Fiction Award. His work has also appeared in various literary magazines such as Tin House, Ecotone Fence, and The Southern Review.  He is also currently working on his first novel, titled “Contrary Motion”, about a harpist taking a symphony audition. It will be published this year.

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Mozina Balances Teaching with Writing of His Own