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Model UN Attends Montreal Conference

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This past weekend was the annual McMUN (McGill Model United Nations) Conference in Montreal, Canada. Students in Model UN trained since first week of fall quarter on the language, the format, the procedures, and tactics to become great debaters.

Model UN is a mock United Nations where students take on the role of a historical figure or a delegate from another country and work to find solutions on real-life problems. Participants become versed in “Parliamentary Procedure” and learn how to act as a member in the United Nations assembly.

This conference had many different committees from a Communist Committee set in 1937 to a Crisis Committee on the Lebanon Crisis of 1958 and everything in between.

Dallas Pallone ‘17 represented an elected president in Senegal and enjoyed the experience since it relates to his academic growth.

“I was able to learn more about Senegal and other African nations, which is not something that happens enough in mainstream education in the United States. Overall, McMUN was a great experience this year that pushed me to new levels of learning and cooperation,” said Pallone.

After the Friday and Saturday night committee meetings, there were various activities to enjoy. Pub Crawl, the annual event of going from bar to bar collecting free beer, happened on Friday and was a blast for everyone who went. The next night was the McPartay, a larger dance and night out at one of the hottest clubs in Montreal.

“State sovereignty drives college students crazy,” said Erica Vanneste ’17 of her MUN experience.

Different colleges from the US and Canada attended this conference which lasted from Thursday until Sunday of this past week. Anyone interested in politics, debate, foreign affairs, is encouraged to join Model UN.

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Model UN Attends Montreal Conference