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Michelin: The Republican Takeover Was Going To Happen

Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) will succeed Harry Reid (D-NV) as the Senate Majority Leader following a massive GOP midterm victory. (Courtesy Photo)

Last Thursday was a bummer for K Democrats.

Republicans had large gains in the House of Representatives in this past election. They have the potential of being in the largest majority since 1928.

In the Senate, the Republicans had their largest gain ever. The loss usurped democratic control in the Senate, and has allowed the Republicans to take over as the dominant party.

The loss was especially devastating given that public opinion polls sway in favor of the Democratic Party, according to Gallup Research.

Given the protests against Fred Upton by K students, it’s not surprising that they were angry when Upton won in Michigan’s 6th district. However, the only reason republicans like Upton won was a combination of geography and voting demographics.

In this election there were 23 democratic seats up for election, compared to the smaller 13 republican incumbents. This means that the Democratic party had more candidates up for reelection than the Republicans did. Many of those Democrats were in states with Republican majorities anyway, so they were fighting a losing battle.

Extra spending by the GOP contributes to Democratic loss in Michigan’s 6th District. Fred Upton won 55.8% of the vote compared to Paul Clements’ 40.4% of the vote, a clear republican victory.

While Fred Upton spent approximately $20.97 per person voted in his campaign, Paul Clements spent a whopping $5.85 per vote, almost a quarter of what Upton did. Upton’s extra spending allowed him to capitalize on the already Republican favored district.

On the bright side, the 2016 election will flip the geographic advantage that the Republicans had in this election.

In the next election only 10 Democratic seats will be up as opposed to 26 Republican seats. Many of those Republican seats being in Democratic states.

Not only that, but since the president will be up for election, voter turnout will be higher, a plus for Democrats who tend to have better luck when more people vote.

This means that you can now stop sobbing while binge watching old episodes of the Daily Show to fill the blue void of disappointment left in the last election, and now you can wait happily for the next election to occur knowing that the Democrats are probably going to win the next one.

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Michelin: The Republican Takeover Was Going To Happen