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Meet Razul (Brice) Calco

Razul (Brice) Calco (Megan Rigney / Index)

Many students were surprised when their beloved friend Brice came back to school after the summer and reintroduced himself as Razul. Brice, wanting to honor his Lebanese grandparents, legally changed his name to Razul, a Lebanese name.

Razul said that his time at Kalamazoo College has been a great experience. In Razul’s experience the smaller class sizes have enabled him to have easier access to professors and allow professors to spend more time on giving feedback.

“The thorough feedback that we get allows us to grow more as students,” said Razul.

Razul is currently deciding to study Chemistry and Biology or Business and Economics.

As for student organizations, Razul is involved heavily with K Desi and Naked Magazine. Through K Desi, Razul has been able to embrace his Lebanese heritage while also fostering friendships. Razul and his roommate Arju have recently gotten involved in Naked Magazine, in which they wrote a piece on hidden places in Kalamazoo to try to let students on campus know about places where they can go have fun and get off campus for a little bit.

Other organizations Razul enjoys on campus are DPH and the Plaza Palace.

“Try out activities as much as you can and then choose the top two or three so you’re not trapped in one group but also not spread out in too many,” said Razul.

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Meet Razul (Brice) Calco