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Meet Eric Wimbley, K’s New Head of Security

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As I walked into the Kalamazoo College Security Office, the new director, Eric Wimbley sat behind the front desk helping a student with her ID. A few modeling tips and 3 takes later, Wimbley had the satisfied student walking out the door.

Though Wimbley has experience teaching, he is excited to learn from K students. “Every one is just so open and has so much positive energy to share with you. I’m learning something from everyone at all times, and they’re all happy to share it,” he explained. “It seems everyone here is looking for an opportunity to get educated by the students.”

Born and raised in Kalamazoo, Wimbley has always been attracted to the city, “Kalamazoo has always been my favorite place to live. I’ve had opportunities to take other jobs, but I always gravitated towards Kalamazoo,” said Wimbley.

Wimbley attended university at Siena Heights in Adrian, and received his Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice. He has continued his education through additional training provided by the State police, such as attending the FBI national Academy and staff in command at Eastern Michigan University.

He has experience both in law enforcement and education. He served a part of the State police for 25 years, was a school safety consultant and, most recently, taught High School in Allegan County.

As director for security, Wimbley has already set up a two and five year plan. He plans on focusing on the officers’ desires by providing additional training and support. “They all want to do their job well. And they all want to be better officers and provide a better service,” said Wimbley. “It’s just a positive atmosphere and we as a team feel there’s always room for growth.”

Additionally, Wimbley plans on focusing on plans for irregular circumstances, “Those things that we never thought would happen in a million years we still want to be responsible and proactive,” said Wimbley. “I want to have a contingency plan in case anything happens, and put it in writing.”

For now, Wimbley is excited for homecoming, specifically the athletic events that come along with it.

“I like the sporting events not for the competition themselves but because those events bring so much history back from the people that were here before. I like witnessing that. It really brings home the impact that the students have on the community and each other,” explained Wimbley.

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Meet Eric Wimbley, K’s New Head of Security