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Margot Couraud: Outdoors Leader

Many may see Margot Couraud ’16 around campus with her signature spunky, short hair, but few know how much she thrives in the backcountry. According to Margot, as a member of the executive board of the Kalamazoo Outing Club (KOC), she has “to put together meetings, make sure trips are running, get trip sponsors, and manage a budget.”

As a board member, she attends KOC meetings every Friday, meets once a week with the rest of the board, and meets once a week with the board and the Outdoors Programs interns.

“I like to orchestrate outdoors events for people,” Margot said. “It’s a really great community.”

This past summer, Margot was a LandSea leader.

“It was a great experience for me because I love being a part of that community and it was just a great group of people and a great program,” she said. “I think it can challenge people from a physical and mental standpoint. Being a LandSea leader helped make me believe in myself and grow in confidence because I knew my patrol trusted me and being there for them was really great.”

The sophomore has also led trips with the KOC, including the spring break trip to Big Bend National Park, which she said was one of her favorite trips to lead. She got to co-lead with some amazing people, found the national park to be a “really cool place,” and was “happily surprised by how diverse the landscape was.”

“I think that being outdoors is a chance to get away from the normal stresses of life. People have a chance to slow down and get to know each other,” Margot said. You get a chance to think about what’s really important”

This summer, she will be working at Crystalaire Adventures, a camp for outdoors trips, as a logistics manager. She will handle logistical aspects of the camp’s trips, including planning routes and figuring out food proportions.

As a member of the Kalamazoo College Cross Country Team, Margot spends a lot of free time running. She also enjoys watching “How I Met Your Mother,” and her favorite movie is “Little Miss Sunshine.” Currently, she is listening to Fleet Foxes, Beach House, and The Temper Trap.

While she isn’t at school, Margot lives in East Lansing, Michigan with her mother, father, and dog Rusty. Them, along with her older sister, are “a great support system.”

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Margot Couraud: Outdoors Leader