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Mallika Mitra K’16 Transitions from K to the Bay

Mallika Mitra Mallika Mitra

Q: Can you talk about how you’ve spent your life since graduating from K?

A: After graduation, I spent the summer in northern Michigan at Song of the Morning yoga retreat where my friend, Josie Cibelli, K’16, and I helped put on their annual Yoga festival. Then, after spending some time with family and friends, I moved to San Francisco where I am now an Account Coordinator at a public relations agency that works with business-to-business tech companies.

Q: Have you moved? How have you been adjusting to life in your new home? Is it radically different than Kalamazoo?

A: I have adjusted well! I had never been to California before moving out to San Francisco, so there is a lot to explore. It’s a tech-concentrated city with a vibrant culture of music and art. Great food, too. It’s different from Kalamazoo, but there are so many K alums out here and I still have friends back at school, so I have been able to stay connected to that community.

Q: Where do you work now? Does it pertain to the major you graduated with?

A: I work at Bhava Communications, an agency that specializes in public relations, integrated marking and branding. It definitely pertains to my major, English, in that I am constantly writing. Whether it’s press releases, pitches to journalists, social media posts or contributed articles, I am getting the opportunity to hone my writing skills and learn new ones. There is also a lot of reading, as I am constantly learning about my clients’ technologies and how things work in Silicon Valley.

Q: How did you get into your line of work?

A: Through K College, actually! A friend connected me to an alum that works at Bhava. After a brief conversation about what the company does, I decided to go through the application process. I started as an intern and am now working there full-time.

Q: What experiences during your time at K do you think prepared you for this job?

A: I think the ability to quickly research and learn about something I know nothing about has proved the most helpful during my transition into the professional world, especially since I’m working in a space I have no experience in.

Q: What advice do you have for students who are graduating in June? Or even for students who are still going through K and trying to decide what they are passionate about?

A: Be open to anything. Remember that nothing is permanent, so if you jump into a space you are new to and find that it is not for you, you can always switch. And don’t put too much pressure on yourself to lock down the next step before graduation–easier said than done, but it will all work out in the end.

Q: What’s next?

A: Good question. I’m not sure! I’m just focusing on learning new skills and exploring the Bay Area right now.

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Mallika Mitra K’16 Transitions from K to the Bay