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Magic, Myths and Legends

Conductor Thomas G. Evans leads Winter 2017 concert. Conductor Thomas G. Evans leads Winter 2017 concert.

An unseasonably warm wind blew outside the Lights Fine Arts Center on Kalamazoo College’s campus as The Academy Street Winds were tuning before they began their winter term concert. The strange weather was reminiscent of the theme for this term’s concert “Magic, Myths, and Legends”.

Conductor Thomas G. Evans led 55 musicians who played a mixture of woodwinds, brass, and percussion instruments. The band played six songs, all apart of the Magical theme.

The bottom of the program featured a quote from Francoise Giroud who said “Nothing is more difficult than competing with a myth” yet each piece the musicians played seemed to.

Preceding each piece Evans either described the meaning behind the song or included some sort of anecdote, which was often accompanied by laughter from the audience.

Before the piece “Dreams” by Robert W. Smith, Evans explained one interpretation of where dreams come from.

“In some legends dreams are sent from Gods. In others, terrifying monsters lurk at the fringes of consciousness waiting for their chance to creep into the shadows of our minds,” said Evans. “Few ancient cultures delved as deeply into the world of dreams as the Greeks. As for most facets of life they had a God that personified the dream world, his name was Morpheus.”

The Greeks were also referenced in regards to the following piece “Triumph of the Argonauts”. Evans summarized the story Jason and the Argonauts, in which Jason is forced by hid father to find a golden fleece.

“Like all tales there is a lesson to be learned,” said Evans. “The moral of this story is, having all you wished for often leads to ruin, and that’s why I never play the lottery.”

Before introducing the final piece of the concert, “Oracle” by Eric Rath, Evans took a moment to invite those in attendance to the final concert of the academic year.

The final concert will feature music from Ireland, Scotland, and Wales with a  theme of “Celtic Connections”.

“I might even wear a kilt, could happen,” said Evans. “But you’re know thinking about it.”

Instead of focusing the final introduction on the piece, Evans shared the poem “Magic Words” by Chris Green. The crowd laughed and clapped as he concluded the poem and began thanking everyone in attendance.

“Whenever the band shows up here and you’re not here we have a name for that, it’s called a rehearsal,” said Evans. “But when you show up it becomes a performance. So without you this wouldn’t be possible, we do thank you for being here.”

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Magic, Myths and Legends