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LSO Screens ‘Nosotros Los Nobles’

LSO's showing of Nosotros Los Nobles in the Bissel Theater (Rachel Carson / The Index)

The Latino Student Organization (LSO) presented the film Nosotros Los Nobles for a campus-wide viewing last Tuesday at the Bissell Theater. The event was part of the Office of Student Involvement’s “Tuesdays with…” series and was followed by an in-depth discussion of the film.

The movie showcases the Nobles, three Latino siblings who have been spoiled by a life of luxury from their absentee father’s fortune. In order to teach his children a lesson, the father of the Noble family pretends to lose his wealth to instill the value of hard work and familial bonds in his children, especially during tough times. In the end, the Noble family overcomes their internal squabbles, with each individual learning a valuable life lesson.

“This movie has a sense of comedy, but it also portrays certain Latino stereotypes that we want to discuss after the film,” said Alejandro Antonio JaramilloK ’18, Co-President of LSO.

The struggles of the Noble family illustrate the class dichotomy between more affluent Latino persons and those who have to work from the very bottom of the social ladder, Jaramillo said. The film depicted the great lengths that Latino parents go to for their children’s future and how these children are expected to respond to their inheritance.

The group also discussed the challenge of having open communication about gender and sexuality in the Latino culture as well as the film’s central theme of family.

“We pride ourselves on the idea of LSO as a family,” Jaramillo said.

In addition to this core idea, LSO has three main components: recruitment, discussions, and celebrations. The organization spends the beginning of the year welcoming back old members and seeking out new ones. LSO then holds three discussions throughout the quarter and always ends the year with a big cookout for members to reflect on the past and look ahead to the future, whether it be another year at K, study abroad, or graduation.

“Communion isn’t just sitting at a table together…It’s the idea that the food isn’t cooked for yourself, it’s cooked for others,” said Jaramillo about the club’s annual dinner.

LSO meets every Tuesday night from 6:00 to 7:00pm. Anyone interested in attending should stop by and check out the food and discussion.

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LSO Screens ‘Nosotros Los Nobles’