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Community Reflection

Loving Earth Day Community Reflection

Natalie Thompson Natalie Thompson

The Environmental Conservation Organization (ECO) hosted a community reflection last Friday that celebrated the intimate relationship between humans and the earth.

Rachel Wasserman K’20 opened the event, explaining that speakers would be “talking about why we love the earth and the environment.”

Rachel Wasserman

Rachel Wasserman

Some who spoke explained not only their personal connections to nature, but also situated these experiences within the larger context of current threats to the environment.

Yasi Shaker K’20, spoke about the right of every person to clean air. She explained that although many of her family members in Iran do not have this right, there are also communities within the United States that lack access to air that has not been polluted, highlighting in particular lower-income areas of people of color.

Also discussing the environment in relation to family was Maddie Ward K’20, who described her upbringing as placing value on, and spending time in the outdoors. She explained that due to her deep connection to it, there has been resulting comfort provided by nature when she misses her family members, who are spread across the country.

An overarching theme of the event was the idea of viewing interaction with the earth as a relationship, a bond that could not be healthy or sustainable if environmental destruction was permissible.

According to ECO member Annette Dulce, “in the club we love the environment and promote the idea of taking care of it.”

The most recent demonstration of this was their initiative called “Konserve Kzoo.”

A competition between the residence halls, this campaign encouraged students living in the dorms to be more cognizant of their electricity and water usage. ECO kept track of the numbers and gave periodic updates regarding which hall was in the lead with the lowest numbers.

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Loving Earth Day Community Reflection