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Limited Number of Juniors to Live Off-Campus

In the fall of the 2013-2014 school year, Kalamazoo College enrolled the largest first-year class in the recent history of the College. The record enrollment included 450 students for the class of 2017, along with 14 transfer students, for a total of 464 new students. The large amount of new students affected the campus community in unique ways, specifically regarding housing and roommate assignments.

Eric Staab, Dead of Admission and Financial Aid, commented in the fall that no one was more surprised about the enrollment size than Admissions. “You don’t ever know the percentage of accepted students that will actually matriculate until it happens.”

Because of the influx of first-year students, the Office of Residential Life had to scramble to adjust. Dana Jansma, Associate Dean of Students, said Residential Life heard from Admissions that the class would be large but they did not know how large.

“The deadline for accepted students to submit their deposit is May 1,” Jansma explained, “So around May 15th we sent an email to rising juniors notifying them that of a lottery to allow off-campus housing in the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year.”

Normally juniors are not allowed to live off campus until their spring trimester, but the large incoming class created an exception.

“Last year was an anomaly,” Dean Jansma declared. “I’ve been here 14 years and that has happened only one other time.”

However, now the process is being repeated for next school year. On May 6, Mike Sosulski, Dean of the Sophomore Class sent out an email to the class of 2016 stating, “Residential Life is now offering the opportunity to allow a limited number of current sophomores (a.k.a rising juniors) the opportunity to move off campus for the entire academic year next year. Normally juniors are required to live on campus through winter quarter. Remember that there are only a limited number of spaces available for rising juniors to be released for fall and winter quarters.”

Dean Jansma stated that Residential Life is releasing 60 juniors and there are still a few slots left. If any rising juniors are interested, they should email Dean Jansma at dana.jansma@kzoo.edu

The fall housing process will take place during ninth week with the lottery numbers released online next week.

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Limited Number of Juniors to Live Off-Campus