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Library Changes Hours to Accommodate Hangovers

The Upjohn Library Commons changed its weekend hours from opening at 9 a.m. on Saturdays and 11 a.m. on Sundays to 1 p.m. on both days, citing hungover students arriving past noon as the primary reason.

“We’re trying to optimize work hours,” said librarian Robin Rank. “If students are showing up late, there’s a reason for the library staff to start later.”

So far, the library during the opening hours of the weekends have been almost solely booked by the reclusive seniors laboring over their SIPS and the studious sophomore chemistry students in organic chemistry who pile up in the nooks of the third floor or in the second floor’s reading room. Though they are a minority against this change, they are indeed a vocal one.

Senior and active go-getter Skylar Young ‘15, “I’ve got work to do, places to go, and the library needs to be open earlier. This is Kalamazoo College, after all.”

So far, these students will instead have to pill up their books elsewhere, such as Hicks Center or the Fine Arts Building.

Though the College is in no way of encouraging drinking, they are instead making the morning a bit easier for the imbibing intellects. Some measures include converting the Book Club cafe on the first floor into a bar serving orange juice and mimosas. The reading room furniture will be renovated with softer pillows and songs off of the Beach Boys’ “Pet Sounds” will be playing over the intercom.

Bryan Olert ’15 said, “ugh, it makes me feel so much better than I’m not the only one stumbling in the library and struggling to move up the staircase past noon on weekends.” Until the library changed its policy, Olert said “I thought I was the only one not made for these times, but with my morning Bloody Marys and listening to the Beach Boys, I now I know there is an answer.”

For those who do study in Hicks during the weekend mornings, do stay vigilant about the student squatters hunting plastic deer props and Outing Club members who are lighting fires to stay warm.

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Library Changes Hours to Accommodate Hangovers