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Letter: College Republicans on Campus

Editor’s Note: This Letter is in response to the Opinion piece Feeling Nothing But the Bern,” which was originally published October 14, 2015.  To submit your own letter on any topic, click here.

I would like to explain to you why you don’t see the Kalamazoo College Republicans promoting things campus wide.

The answer is simple: bullies.

You see at any moment, the left-leaning radicals of this college are poised, ready to pounce the second any right-leaning fellow opens their mouth. They’ve been trained to equate conservatism with bigotry, regardless of the actual evidence.

This campus’ political climate is one that sees conservatism as the enemy, and works to bully their opposition until they fear to speak. From destroying and desecrating literature, to leaving hateful notes anonymously in my political sticker packed laptop, to the snide comments and glares at any republican garment I might choose to wear, the bullies of this campus are out full force.

There were no posters advertising Ted Cruz’s event because those posters wouldn’t have lasted. How long would those posters have lasted, un-defaced? From previous experiences, less than a day. Why should I pay money to advertise something while the students here don’t even respect its existence? Why should I make an effort to invite people whose only goal is disrupt our activities?

For the record, I do have a Ted Cruz button on my backpack.

The campus isn’t as left as you think it is. But left-leaning members of this campus have been effective at silencing their opponents until you think they’re all that’s left.

I admire the opinion in the fifth week issue. Open dialogue is the path to a true solution. The most effective ideas come from cooperation and discussion. Difference of opinion is a part of what makes academia great. The journey to a conclusion is one of wonder and amazement.

Unfortunately, the discussions can’t be had when the opposition to all things conservative washes away chalkings within 20 minutes, silences their dissenters, and hurls labels without evidence. This is a bully tactic, and I will not play the game. I will not print flyers for bullies to line their hamster cages with.

If the benefits of advertising are negated by ruffians bent on taking lunch money and quashing conservatives out of existence, then I will not play the game.

I will not be bullied.

For those who want to hear of what College Republicans are doing, send me an email at k13ar03@kzoo.edu and I will add you to our list. We meet weekly in the Hicks Student Leadership Lounge on Wednesdays at 8pm.

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  1. Says the kid who bullied students by pointed a gun holster at them and edited a recording which caused the school to go into panic after shooting threats.

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Letter: College Republicans on Campus