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Let’s Talk About the “DOGL Body” B.S.

Students pace around the library all weekend chatting with friends and spreading rumors about when DOGL, the day where classes are canceled and students hit the beach, will take place.

However, a supposedly stress-free day such as DOGL is not without its own anxieties. Beach-going means bathing suits, and many students might feel the pressure of looking good. Preparations for getting a “DOGL body” can go all the way back to winter quarter, when students may begin exercising and changing their diets in order to look good in a bathing suit.

This K College phenomenon is just part of a larger cultural agenda at work. As bikini season approaches, magazines and tabloids begin running articles about how to “lose weight fast” and get into “bikini shape” for the warmer months.

Celebrities are quoted, many of whom share their “ridiculously easy!” diet and exercise plans, which usually include working out five times a week with a trainer and shopping exclusively at Whole Foods.

Pages upon pages of material are devoted to which celebrities are “beach ready,” and which celebrities are sporting too much cellulite, rolls of fat, or hair to even be seen out on a public beach.

While we can recognize that many of us don’t have the time or the money to follow Kim Kardashian or Charlize Theron’s beauty regimen, “bikini body” culture can still affect us in harmful ways.

As “DOGL/bikini season” approaches, many men and women may begin to feel like their bodies are inadequate for bathing suits. Even though a good diet and exercise regimen is necessary and recommended in order to keep our bodies healthy, students might resort to other, more drastic measures to attain the perfect “DOGL body.” Eating and exercise disorders can abound, with negative effects for students and their peers.

It can be difficult to separate oneself from the negative American attitude towards bodies, and trying to stay body positive during bikini season is a Herculean task. Every body is different, and the only person who should care about what you look like in a bathing suit is you. My advice for the perfect bathing suit body? Put a bathing suit on your body. Voila. You are now DOGL-ready.

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Let’s Talk About the “DOGL Body” B.S.