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Let Them Eat Cake: Sophomores Declare Majors on Special Day

Sophomore Declaration of Major Day Cake (Meredith Ashton/The Index) Sophomore Declaration of Major Day Cake (Meredith Ashton/The Index)

The Banquet Hall in Hicks was buzzing this past Monday, packed with Sophomores waving around brightly colored orange papers containing their academic plans for their time at K, or not. While Declaration of Major Day is the official time to sign on the dotted line, Sophomores are still allowed to change, add, or drop their various majors, minors, and concentrations of choice. It presents an opportunity for the Sophomore class to gather together and celebrate their academic diversity.

It is a day of decisions, and the food is no exception. Sophomores chose from either a chocolate or vanilla cake decorated in Kalamazoo orange and black icing. Many departments also had “swag,” or stickers, buttons, push-pins, and T-shirts to award to students who chose their particular major.

“There’s a noisy, happy buzz in the air,” said Ethan VanSant, K’19, gesturing to the flocks of sophomores crowding around the tables devoted to each major. “I just got here, but it’s really inviting!”

VanSant plans on majoring in Psychology with minors in Spanish and Classics.

“I chose psychology because K offers enough diverse classes so that I can really focus on child development,” said VanSant. He plans on potentially pursuing his interest in child development in the field of speech pathology.

VanSant is not the only K student with a variety of academic interests. In fact, many students at K combine an assortment of disciplines to craft their unique liberal arts education.

Lauren Arquette, K’19, also declared on Monday, choosing a Political Science and French double major. Arquette plans to follow her passion for politics to Law School, and perhaps prepare for a career as a lawyer or government representative. She has only one regret for Declaration of Major Day. “I wish we got more swag,” she says as she gestures to the lone Political Science button on her folder. “But it is exciting to see everyone.”

Caitlyn Whitcomb, K’17, was also excited for her third year at the event.

“It celebrates the students joining our department officially,” said Whitcomb, the Departmental Student Advisor (DSA) for the Critical Ethnic Studies major. “It’s great to see new faces, and to have a more solid grasp on the material covered by our major,” said Whitcomb. Critical Ethnic Studies was officially declared a major in the Fall of 2014, and the department currently has seven students.

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Let Them Eat Cake: Sophomores Declare Majors on Special Day