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Learning Why We Play

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On a cool Friday morning the K College athletic community gathered together in Stetson Chapel for a discussion of the reasoning and motivation behind competing in athletics.

Although alumnus speaker Mike McCann ’12 was the big attraction for the event, several current K athletes spoke and performed as well. An acoustic singing of the song “Heroes” performed by seniors Alex Gothard ’15 and Abby Anderson ’15 opened the ceremony showing that K athletes have many more talents than just playing sports.

The crowd consisted of many current K athletes, some K coaches, some administrators, and even some parents and siblings of the students speaking.

The first speaker was Emily Lindsay ’15, a senior basketball captain and president of the Athletic Leadership Council. Lindsay talked about the strength and support within K’s athletic community.

“I play for my coaches, the people who keep me in check and offer unwavering support,” said Lindsay. “I play for my teammates who are my sisters and my family at K.”

Following Lindsay’s lead, the other speakers, senior tennis player Olivia Bouchard, senior golf captain Tibin John, senior tennis player Cheryl Zhang, and senior soccer player Bronte Payne also all talked about the support within the athletic community.

Bouchard also expressed how playing sports teaches people to have a better work ethic, and she did this by adding some humor. “I work hard, I get better. It’s not rocket science, I paint rockets, not pretend to engineer them,” said Bouchard.

John, Zhang, and Payne all contributed stories and memories of their athletic careers at K. They were able to explain the numerous reasons why they play, such as building relationships with teammates and coaches and learning to persevere through adversity.

The final speaker of the event was alumnus McCann, who played four years of baseball at K. He explained how sports can affect daily lives so much that one could even consider sports as life.

He gave a detailed recollection of his memories and time at K, including a big win over Adrian his sophomore year. He ended the event with an inspiring quote to leave the audience with something to think about going forward.

“All the lessons everyone has learned, that stuff happens in life,” said McCann, “learning to lose and learning to win, you have to be able to that everywhere you go in life. I learned that right here.”

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Learning Why We Play