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Last Minute Fall Fun Time

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Have you been feeling the crisp wind and the foreshadowed winter? As the fall season begins to shed its leaves for winter, there remains a few activities you can do before the trees are bare for yet another year.

Perhaps what you will most miss are the convenient walks to downtown’s coffee shops. Water Street and Crows Nest are commonplace destinations, but Black Owl Café is a quiet place that offers a rustic, pastoral atmosphere.

Apple picking is a Michigan fall custom, and a must for anyone out of state. Apple cider is also recommended, especially with pumpkin donut holes. VerHage Fruit Farms and Gull Meadow Farms are two places you can call and schedule a tour with.

You can also lose yourself—and your friends—at night in a corn maze 17 minutes north of campus. Gull Meadow Farms’ corn maze is one of the best around the region, and it opens from 7-9 p.m. Friday and Saturday for $8 a person. Their last admission day is Oct. 28.

In the weeks before Halloween, a haunted house is a perfect venue to experience the season. Kalamazoo has plenty to offer in that regard. Block of Terror, Psycho Ward Haunted House, and Phobia house are a few of the names that can offer you a jump of adrenaline if the weather sends you numb.

For more Halloween themed action and fun with less heart jolt, The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a great theatre production that the audience can participate in. Our own Mary Burnett and Amanda Stutzman visited and reviewed the Alamo production, and you can find their recommendations on our previous issue.

The last stop for the Halloween season is a costume shop to dress you in the right fashion. Timid Rabbit and K-D sales are a few places that offer such products.

Last but not least, enjoy the brilliant splendor of the colors all around you. Take in the deep breaths of sprinkling pollen and maybe sneeze one last time before the snowflakes begin their faithful descent.

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Last Minute Fall Fun Time