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“LandSea Couture” To Be Released Next Year

Student models show off new line. [Provided by Shannon Haupt] Student models show off new line. [Provided by Shannon Haupt]

The Kalamazoo College Bookstore has recently released a new line of apparel that will hit the bookstore clothing racks next fall quarter. The “LandSea Couture” line combines the classic elements of LandSea staples and fashion.

LandSea participant William Bartz K‘17 appreciates this new line, noting the sentimentality of these fabrics.

“When you come back from LandSea, you never really come back…you leave your heart nestled up in the Adirondacks. My Patagonia fleece and Birks take me back to those summer nights. For me, this line represents that nostalgia you always carry, or wear everyday on campus for the next four years,” Bartz said. “And now I can show my love for LandSea and K? So dope.”

The line includes various styles of Birkenstocks, Chacos, Merrells, Tevas, Patagonia, and Mountain Hardwear fleeces embellished with different Kalamazoo College designs, and custom K College Nalgenes. Bookstore employee Janelle Grant K‘17 spoke on the bookstore’s expectations.

“We really think this will be a hit. This fashion line is timeless: fall, winter, or spring, K students will love the line. For winter quarter, we’re going to add 10 more different styles of SmartWool socks for the transition from Birkenstocks to socks and Birkenstocks,” Grant said. “We’ve really thought this through, it’s just so helpful seeing our consumers walking around campus everyday, we’ve gotten great really great notes.”

The bookstore’s first promotion of the fall is a free pack of Clif bars with the purchase of a pair of hornet-embellished Keens. No longer will LandSea participants lack Kalamazoo College pride. Expect to see many “K” print socks in Chacos during homecoming next year!

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“LandSea Couture” To Be Released Next Year