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KCCAN Begins Campaign

The Kalamazoo College Fossil Fuel Di/ReInvestment Movement is a campaign of the Kalama-zoo College Climate Action Network (KCCAN). This student-organized movement to shift the College’s endowment investments out of fossil fuel extractive industries and into renewable en-ergy will be hosting a series of events this weekend.

The events coincide with Global Divestment Day, which will play host to hundreds of demon-strations, rallies, sit-ins, and marches around the world from Friday to Saturday.

On Friday, Feb. 13 during Common Time, students, faculty and staff are invited to attend a workshop discussion in the Arcus Center. This workshop will focus on the many facets of cli-mate change and how the campus can make a difference in the fight for climate justice.

On Saturday, Feb. 14, K students will join members of the Kalamazoo community in a march. The purpose of the march is to demand fossil fuel divestment from the city’s banks and busi-nesses. It will end in a photo action on the shore of Kalamazoo River.

The Di/ReInvestment Campaign is about holding Kalamazoo College accountable for its mission statement and the President’s Campus Climate Commitment. Students involved in this campaign believe it is wrong to destroy our environment, and even more reprehensible to profit off of this destruction. If you are a member of the K College community and wish to become involved, the next KCCAN meeting is this Thursday, Feb. 12 at 6 p.m. in the Hicks Leadership Suite. The meeting will be dedicated to making banners for the Saturday march. Perhaps most importantly, on Tuesday of 7th week from 11:30 a.m to 12:30 p.m., there will be an investment forum hosted by K administrators, where students can attend and show their support for the Di/ReInvestment Campaign.

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KCCAN Begins Campaign