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Kazoo Frisbee Teams to Hold Annual BBUT Tournament

On Saturday May 10, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., the Kalamazoo College Ultimate Frisbee (KCUF) teams hosted their annual Beez Buzz Ulitimate Tournament. This is a hat tournament in which anyone from either the Kalamazoo College community or greater Kalamazoo community is welcome and encouraged to play.

Women’s team captain Christina Lehman ’14 explained that the tournament is a fundraiser for the Frisbee team, and that the organizers try to advertise as much as possible by inviting the entire campus and tabling in Hicks.

“There’s a fundraising element, [but] it’s really about tradition,” said men’s team captain Woody Tauke ’14. “Members of the community really rely on it”.

A majority of the members of the community that participate are either alumni from KCUF or members of the Kalamazoo Ultimate Disk League, known as KUDL and pronounced like “cuddle”. This year’s tournament was one of the biggest yet, with about 80 people signed up. The cost for each participant is $10, which includes refreshments and lunch. All remaining profits are put into the KCUF account for the following year’s team.

Tauke explained that the club has, “never really done much fundraising” and that “it’s something new to the club this year.”

The reason behind these fundraising efforts involved difficulties the team encountered during winter quarter when trying to secure practice space from school facilities. KCUF had to pay an outside facility in order to continue practicing. The money raised during fundraising went to paying for practice space, but also was put into the club account for next year’s team and team trips.

One of the overall goals of KCUF is to keep the club’s cost as low as possible, so that everyone interested is able to participate, something they are only able to do with the support of the school and fundraising.

“[This was] part of the reason for the tournament. In case we lose funding from the school, we’ll be able to continue the philosophy of inclusion,” Tauke said.

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Kazoo Frisbee Teams to Hold Annual BBUT Tournament