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Kalamazoo Valley Museum: Affordable Entertainment in Kalamazoo.

Kalamazoo Valley Museum (Courtesy of Kalamazoo Valley Museum). Kalamazoo Valley Museum (Courtesy of Kalamazoo Valley Museum).

Looking for low-cost local entertainment? Look no further. The Kalamazoo Valley Museum is open to the public and admission is free.

Visitors are welcome to explore the three-story museum and, for only $3, attend one of the regularly scheduled planetarium shows. The history of Kalamazoo is on display with over 55,000 historical artifacts in the museum’s collection and dozens of hands-on science interactive exhibits.

Alex Kuriata, sophomore music engineer at Western Michigan University and first-time patron of the museum, enjoyed his experience.

“It reminded me of when I was a kid,” Alex said, smiling recalling his adventure through exhibits such as a Science in Motion and Mystery of the Mummy.

Certain exhibits remain constant at the museum. Both “Kalamazoo Direct To You,” an expansive exhibit presenting local history, and “Mystery of the Mummy,” in which museum attendees can observe various Egyptian artifacts including a mummy dating back to 900 B.C.E. are mainstay exhibits.

Current temporary attractions include “Pink Floyd’s The Wall,” shown every Saturday at 4 PM until March 13 in the planetarium. The third floor gallery showcases the special exhibit “And Still We Rise.” Open for a limited time the exhibit is an artistic commentary on race relations throughout U.S. history through powerful imagery stitched into textiles and quilted pieces from various artists. The exhibit will be on display until June 4.

On Sunday, January 28 a new exhibit, “The Wizards of Pop,” was unveiled. With 63 different framed pieces, this special exhibit focuses on the work of pop-up book artists Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart and is scheduled to close on April 9.

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Kalamazoo Valley Museum: Affordable Entertainment in Kalamazoo.