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Kalamazoo College Mouse Hunting Club

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Due to an influx of mice, the inhabitants of the Harmon basement have joined forces to create the newest StuOrg—a mice hunting club. Bianca Delgado ’17 is excited for this stuorg. “I heard something in the empty bottom drawer of my desk; I keep nothing in there so I was curious. I opened the drawer only to see a mouse, and it looked like it had been living there for a while,” said Delgado. “I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination.”

There are only 8 students who live in the basement of Harmon. Their mission is to come together as one to get the mice out of Harmon’s basement.  Nick Marsh ’16 researched ways to properly catch mice. “Don’t worry,” Marsh said, “our catching methods are PETA approved.”

The group uses common things around their dorm like lacrosse sticks, brooms, and recycling bins. “We gently guide the mouse into a recycling bin, and then our main catcher, Dave Smith releases them back outside,” Marsh said.

It is extremely gross to find mice running around your dorm, and when inspected, all of the inhabitants of the Harmon basement upheld a clean room so they were very puzzled by these critters. Janay Johnson ’17 likes to keep her dorm room clean, and she finds this new StuOrg very important. “We don’t just catch mice together, but we help ensure the cleanliness of our neighbors’ rooms too,” Johnson said.

The Harmon Basement Mice Hunting Club found that this small StuOrg fostered even more community amongst the neighbors. “There is nothing like catching mice with friends,” Smith said “it’s quite humorous to watch people jump on desks, chairs, etc. to avoid a little mouse.”

Smith’s title as main catcher gives him a lot of responsibility. “Sometimes, our supplies break. I’m working on getting funding from StuComm so that we can get more equipment. Also, I’d like to buy a special box to trap the mice so that we don’t have to dump paper out of our recycling bin to catch mice.”

The Mice Hunting Club doesn’t want to keep their services confined to the basement. In fact, the members are adamant that if anyone else is having trouble with mice to contact them. “We will even bring our equipment to you, it’s our way of giving back to the K community,” Delgado said.

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Kalamazoo College Mouse Hunting Club