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K graduate, Ladislav Hanka ’75, does more than shine at Art Prize with his installation- “The Great Wall of Bees Intelligence of the Hive.” He carves the space to open his home and heart to these creatures as well as curious minds. Indeed, the same can be said for current students-Shannon Haupt ’16 and Rachel Dranoff ’16, who is studying abroad in Greece. Through K’s Summer Campus Climate Fellowship, they crafted a collection of eco-poetry as they planted four wildlife sanctuaries now speckled across campus. Passion for beauty and purposeful design each pave a path for creatures and plants to re-enter what Shannon refers to as an anthropocentric environment.

“Bees face a gauntlet of toxins, habitat loss, electromagnetic pollution, exotic diseases and imported parasites,” Hanka writes.  “Bees and people will both get healthier when we stop poisoning the environment. Relish the art. And please consider the choices we make every day: how we spend our money; what we eat; how we express our love for one another and all the other creatures as well.”

This week, the camera follows a behind-the-scenes tour in the homes of Hanka and Haupt.

The Charge of the Bees

By Shannon Haupt and Rachel Dranoff                    

Bee keeping requires a container.

We are not containing.

We are landscaping, farming, and building.

We are architects, erecting a city

in a garden,

within a city.

We are no more bee keeping, than

We are keeping up with the bees, who demand their rights, Who are tired of living


only to find their spring homes

are placed in the set-aside dark corners

of our spring homes.

We’re not pushing them into boxes,

We are responding to the charge

By the bees,

For the bees,

Of equal access to beds, breakfast, and the pursuit of pollen in these furnished apartments of real prime earth estate – This is the charge of the bees, for

A city of their own.

Be sure to pick up a copy of Shannon and Rachel’s eco-poetry booklet coming Winter Quarter.

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  1. Alicia Madgwick // October 11, 2014 at 4:10 PM // Reply

    Wonderful job, Olivia! It was so fascinating to learn about bees and the environment around K! I loved it!

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