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K Students Organize First Basket Weaving Club on Campus

(Janelle Grant / Index)

In a bid to bring greater diversity to the campus community’s extracurricular offerings, there are plans to create a new basket weaving organization at Kalamazoo College.

Efforts to implement it have taken off and there will be a Q&A session with students to discuss the structure of this potential StuOrg.

Sophomore and basket weaving advocate Bianca Delgado is pushing for a underwater basket weaving event to bring awareness to the craft. “Underwater basket weaving has a very rich history. Historically, weavers had to soak the rods in water so that they’d be pliable and perfect for optimal weaving condition,” Delgado said.

The meticulous trade has become popular and many students are interested in learning. “Basket weaving is something students can use not just here at K, but later in life,” continued Delgado. It fills the need for décor in your future home.

Baskets add a creative and personal flair, or serve as the homemade albeit last minute Christmas gift for that person in your life who already has everything. And Delgado bets they don’t have a basket woven underwater.

Basket weaving may be seen as an unusual StuOrg, but some K students feel differently. Josh Vance ’18 explained that the craft is a way to relieve stress, and it’s vital to have a positive outlet with our busy schedules. “I believe crafts will enhance the experience at this school. Engaging in this activity relieves my stress and the stress of my fellow peers who love to basket weave.”

If the students decide to create this StuOrg, students would be able to perfect their techniques and knowledge of the subject through “Basket Weaving: A Brief History and Tutorial,” which is an introductory training session students are planning for a Wind Down Wednesday event.

Students who come to Kalamazoo College expect nothing less than a developed liberal arts education. Now students are asking to have the chance to take up new interest or passion.

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K Students Organize First Basket Weaving Club on Campus