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K Bubble Soccer: A Success Story

Nearly eleven days ago K hosted its first ever bubble soccer tournament. For those unknown to what bubble soccer is, it’s essentially exactly what the name says it is. People get on teams and play soccer, however they do it while wearing a giant bubble suit to make for more aggression and of course, comic relief.

The first bubble soccer tournament at K produced several teams of participants, in both the competitive bracket and the recreational bracket. It also drew a large student audience in the Anderson gym on Saturday May 9.

The winning team of the night consisted of Nick Swain, Mitchell Wynkoop, JD Nord, Andre Grayson and Christopher Francis. The event brought a lot of excitement to the campus that Saturday night and this could not have been more exhibited than by the winning team. When asked how they performed afterwards Nick Swain responded, “Hell yeah! We won!”

His excitement was matched by all his teammates as they played with the most energy, and probably best balance, and were able to seize the trophies at the end of the night. However the victory was not as straightforward as some might think.

Swain’s team started out with a select group of guys but varied in his matches throughout the night. “My team kind of evolved throughout the night,” said Swain. “But the members of the championship team were myself, Mitch, JD, Andre and Chris.”

Although only one team was able to take home the competitive trophies, everyone involved in the event could not stop talking about the outstanding experience that was had. Many students are hoping they bring back this “Zoo After Dark” for years to come.

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K Bubble Soccer: A Success Story