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Jon Snow K’16 Finally Ready to get to Know Classmates

If you’re a senior at Kalamazoo College you probably think you’ve met just about everyone in your class. Whether it was during orientation your first year or you just happened to run into them at this past Day of Gracious Living. You’ve at least seen every senior by now, probably.

One person that you might have overlooked, however, is Jon Snow.

Snow has been here for the past four years and has managed to meet no one in his class. Hiding in plain sight, he is the guy in class nobody ever notices. Now, Jon is stepping out of his shell and is finally ready to meet his class.

During his time at Kalamazoo College, Snow has managed to complete an independent major in public speaking and communications. He enjoys long walks and nature, so if you’ve ever been to the arboretum you may have seen him feeding the ducks. Snow is also very artistic and spends a lot of his time making films. If you haven’t seen the new X-Men movie, go see it so that you can say you went to college with a guy who had absolutely nothing to do with it.

Something Snow has done a lot for, however, is his YouTube channel “Jon Gone Wrong!” There, Snow talks about some of his deepest darkest secrets, and shares his innermost thoughts and feelings. He started it during his first year at K after managing to go unnoticed for the entire first week of classes. It has one subscriber, whose YouTube handle is “Jon’s Mom.”

As seniors, you probably feel like you’ve done everything possible at Kalamazoo College, including establishing a group of lifelong friends who will probably embarrass you at your wedding one day. But before you go, consider adding Jon Snow to that list. He’s a kind-hearted and loyal person, and his mom can attest to his honesty. Overall, his best quality is his trustworthiness. With no friends to tell, Snow is better than anyone at keeping secrets. Who doesn’t need a friend like that? One day you could be telling your kids about Uncle Jon, the best friend you ever almost never met.

“I don’t know how I did it, but I really managed I avoid making friends all four years,” Snow said, “but it’s time to make a change. I don’t want everyone to go ‘who?’ when they call my name at graduation.”

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Jon Snow K’16 Finally Ready to get to Know Classmates