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“It’s a Name People Don’t Forget Easily”

Gaspar is a Chemistry and Spanish double-major (Rachel Carson / The Index) Gaspar is a Chemistry and Spanish double-major (Rachel Carson / The Index)

“Delfino is my dad’s nickname,” senior Delfino Gaspar explains, “My dad wanted my mom to name at least one of their kids after the father, and his real name is Cecilio. When my dad was filling out the paperwork, my mom was like, “Who’s Cecilio? She honestly didn’t know that was his real name, so she named me Delfino.”

Coming from Los Angeles, California, Gaspar was determined to venture away from home and explore a completely new environment in Kalamazoo.

“I like to try out new places and meet new people. As the youngest in my family I wanted to make my own pathway without following my brothers, who stayed in California.”

When Gaspar came to K, he had his mind set on two things: Chemistry and Spain.

“There are so many options when it comes to the study abroad program, but, I’ve always had my mind set on Spain, specifically the Madrid program,” says Gaspar, who studied abroad in the city of Quesadas, located two hours from Madrid.

“Being in a smaller city, I got to meet the locals really well. You just immerse yourself in the culture one hundred percent which I liked about it. I visited Madrid and couldn’t see myself living there. It was too big. I feel like if I lived there, I don’t like I would have gotten in touch with the Spanish culture as much as I did in Quesadas.”

“It was a fun, once in a lifetime opportunity. You’re never going to be twenty again and get to live with a host family, be fed delicious Hispanic food, and go on expeditions in another country. It’s school, but it feels like a vacation as well because everything’s taken care of for you.”

Coming to K, Gaspar says he gained his independence and learned responsibility. During his time here, he was able experience the changing seasons, Michigan’s lengthy winters, double-majoring in Chemistry and Spanish, and cultural immersion in Spain. After he graduates, he says, “I’m applying for jobs anywhere in the chemistry field, want to take a few years off to gain experience and then hopefully go to graduate school.”

Gaspar has an optimistic outlook for the future of K students. He says, “This place has grown, especially when it comes to diversity, not just race diversity but the word as a whole. Kalamazoo College is starting a whole revolution of change.”

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“It’s a Name People Don’t Forget Easily”