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Intramural Sports Provide Competition for Non-Varsity Athletes

Each school year many Kalamazoo College students who are not part of a sports team choose to participate in an intramural sport. This fall’s sports are IM Basketball and co-ed Soccer. The co-ed Soccer intramurals kicked off two weeks ago promising lots of fun, prizes and campus bragging rights.

This year the soccer games are being played on our very own soccer turf at Kalamazoo College’s Mackenzie Field. The competition consists of six-on-six games with a required minimum of three female players on the field at all times.

This fall the season started off with nine teams made up of players from the four different grade levels. The teams taking part this fall are: Laxitup, Ontologists, Versace, Pineapple Furn, Da Stewards, Koccer, Chum Slickers, Kickin Grass, and Kzooans.

The nine teams seem to be having fun and enjoying the competition hoping to be crowned this year’s champion. Even though it’s a tough competition, some players are finding it to be worth the effort.

“It’s a great way for students to interact and get to meet new people,” said Jincan Zhu, a first-year international student from China.

Like Zhu, most students participating in the intramural sports feel that the competition provides much needed balance in their college lives.

“I joined because I haven’t done any sporty activity since I came to college. I thought it would be cool. Class is always stressful. Playing soccer provides stress relief from my academics and class,” said Sana Vang, a senior student from the Kzooans team.

The first round of the games comes to an end this week. Versace is dominating the competition with 10 points, followed by Pineapple Furn, Koccer and Kickin Grass with 7 points each. Chum Slickers and Kzooans both have 4 points, Laxitup has 2 and Ontologists and Da Stewards both have 1 point each.

“For me its just fun, but at the same time it also gives me a sense of pride knowing that I have my own team, and we are all working towards a common goal,” said Vang.

“I would encourage other students to form a team and join an intramural sport even if you don’t like sports or haven’t played before.  It’s a great way to learn. You might discover a new hobby.”

The bragging rights and prizes are still up for grabs as the games continue this week, with the playoffs for the top four teams taking place on Sunday, Nov. 3. The championship game will also be played that day, starting at 6:00 p.m.

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Intramural Sports Provide Competition for Non-Varsity Athletes