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Inside the College Phonathon

The Kalamazoo College Fund is a primary source of support for students, faculty excellence, and ensuring the essential needs of the college and students are met. The Kalamazoo College Phonathon is a program run by the College Fund where K students update contact information, communicate campus news and raise financial support for the college to alumni, family and friends of K. Phonathon is comprised of more than 40 students with diverse backgrounds and experiences, who have been selected to raise funds to support and strengthen the college.

According to the Kalamazoo College Fund website, the goal for 2014-2015 was to raise $2,084,445 in donations. As of April 7, 2015, the total amount of money raised was $1,317,275. The area’s where donations can be directed are scholarships, investment in professors and the allotment that provides flexibility to respond promptly when needs arise for students.

During conversations with alumni, family and friends of K, donors may inquire about events happening around campus. The K student callers are instructed to not get into arguments with callers over issues where opinions differ. Kelsey Hill ‘15 shared her conversation with a donor on the topic of President Wilson-Oyelaran’s retirement.

“[One potential supporter] asked about the president’s retirement and I expressed that she had been here for a long time and has done many great things for the institution. I explained that there is a committee in place currently looking for new candidates to fill her spot,” Hill said.

Phonathon has had success in contacting alumni, parents and friends with the vision of expanding and deepening educational experiences, ensuring that students continue to receive a K education that can launch their futures. Phonathon thanks everyone who has made commitments thus far and intend to in the future.

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Inside the College Phonathon