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Index TV: From Kalamazoo to Ferguson Preview

(Olivia Gaines / Index)

‘Preview: From Kalamazoo to Ferguson’ presents a documentary trailer of K students’ reflections on their experiences in Ferguson October-Weekend of Resistance. As an outcry against the shootings and deaths of black, unarmed bodies by police brutality and mass incarceration, a group of K students felt they had no choice but to join the community of protestors in Ferguson, Missouri. For four days they joined thousands of voices to chant ‘Revolutionary Love’ while facing the threat-and some even being thrown into jail, tear-gased, and maced by the police force. All with the intention to stand up and remind our country that ‘Black Lives Matter’, Ferguson October melds the power of youth with a striking call for justice, helping to activate the civic-engaged citizen, and ultimately leaving K students forever transformed.

In addition to sharing their voices on screen, the Kalamazoo-Ferguson participants organized a play called Power: From the Mouths of the Occupied under leadership by the Arcus Center for Social Justice and Leadership visiting fellow, director Patrisse Cullors and co-producer Damon Turner. It is scheduled run this week- Friday at 8:00pm in Dalton Theater.

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Index TV: From Kalamazoo to Ferguson Preview