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Index Investigates: Does StuGov Exist?

Assistant Dean of Students Brian Dietz discusses future of student government with students (Van Forsman / The Index)

HICKS CENTER – With Student Government elections occurring last Tuesday, it appears as though a long-standing (until recently) Kalamazoo College institution has returned. However, there’s a thought that must be on someone’s mind: does Student Government actually exist? The Index asked around.

Carlos Campton ’18, a physics major, said “I don’t think we can be sure if StuGov exists, we can only calculate the probability it does since it’s never been directly observed.”

Silvia Southern ’18 took a break from her political science reading to tell us “well of course it exists, it’s just that it has the theoretical relevance and functionality of the Chinese Communist Party.”

A more nuanced perspective was offered by philosophy major Todd Toulette K’18. He asked us “what is a government? What are students? If we gather a bunch of arbitrarily selected people called ‘students’ into a room (and what is a room, really?) are they a government?”

Octavia Obermensch, a sophomore who says she is “totally” majoring in Anthropology and Sociology, provided a similar response: “Really, StuGov is just a power structure we construct in our minds based on what socialized concepts of need tell us we want. I think we should dissolve this artificial hierarchy in favor of a more naturalistic, just one.”

Theatre Arts major Dylan Dudley ’17 provided unique insight: “I’ve done some work with masks and puppets and it wouldn’t be hard to create a ‘student government’, especially since no one really pays attention to them anyway.”

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Index Investigates: Does StuGov Exist?