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The entirety of the Cracker Barrel menu, 250 rolls of toilet paper, 235 pumpkin spice lattes, nine days at Disney World, or one iPhone X. Pick one of these options, each will take you out a lofty $1000.

With the recent release of the iPhone 8 and X people have started to question whether a cell phone is really worth the steep price. Can you  justify 113 hours of working at a minimum wage job for a iPhone? I think not. While the new specs of the phone seem enticing, it’s hard to say that all the time it would take to make the money for the phone is worth it. The starting price of the iPhone X, $999, gives you the 64-GB phone in your choice of either silver or “space grey” (which really is just black). To upgrade to more space, you jump all the way to 256-GB of storage, and add on $150. If you want to add Applecare+ you’ve got to shell out another $200 on top of all this. The money just for the phone alone adds up very quickly.

The price does come with new benefits. The iPhone X now includes a 5.8-inch “true tone, super retina” display that goes all the way to the edges of the phone. An all-glass and stainless steel design provides dust and water resistance, although Applecare doesn’t provide protection against water damage and Apple recommends to use caution around liquid exposure. New portrait mode camera settings allow for you to mess around with the camera to create images similar to what’s obtainable in a studio. The camera has also been improved to process 4K resolution recording up to 60 frames per second. One of the biggest changes though is the new face ID instead of touch ID, and the removal of a home button on the new phone. Honestly, this just seems a little weird, and will be a big difference for people to get used to not having the button there. The facial recognition seems a little odd, too. With how different people say I look from day to day, what happens if you’re sick and without makeup but your phone has your “full face of makeup” face plugged in? Is the technology smart enough to recognize you if other people can’t?

Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Apple products. Being an owner of an iPhone 7, along with a MacBook, I understand the appeal of the new iPhone and the desire to try out all the new additions. However, it is incredibly hard to justify spending over a thousand dollars on a single phone. At this point, Apple has come up with payment plans to make it easier for people to pay for their phones. You shouldn’t need to take out a loan to buy something that is so necessary for life these days. With Applecare+ and tax, the total price of the iPhone X comes out to $1,270. If you think that price is worth it, be my guest.

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