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iAm Glad I Bought It?

I was initially floored by the price of the new iPhone X, coming in at a whopping $999, but when you think about Apple’s history of new models and extreme prices, it’s something that should have been expected. Every September the launch of a newer, better, more expensive iPhone sends people into a frenzy. This year is no different — it just comes with a bigger price tag with even bigger changes. We should expect that a phone that generates this much buzz and comes with this many tech advances would come at a high cost.  

Upon a closer look into the product and Apple’s announcement, I found the features it boasts to be well worthwhile. The whole front face of the phone is a screen, a 5.8 in. “Super Retina” display, with the sharpest colors and contrast to date. The front facing camera holds the phone’s most impressive new feature, Face ID. The Face ID unlocks your phone when it recognizes your face looking directly at it. It also has the most durable glass in a smartphone, and is water resistant. The newly designed cameras are the best yet, and have features with lighting and sensors that rival those you could find in a real studio. The A11 bionic chip found in this phone is the most powerful chip ever in a smartphone, capable of 600 billion operations per second.

All this aside, if we are being frank, if you invest in any model of the iPhone, you are not making the choice solely on practicality. There are more phones that are more practical with much lower price tags, yet you choose an iPhone for its popularity, its features and its new technology. Your phone is something you have with you most of the time that you use for everything throughout the day. I see it as a similar concept to buying a car. Both your phone and your car are things you choose to invest in, and decide whether you want the basics or luxury, more comfort or convenience. You could very easily get by with any car that functions well, but you choose the one that offers you the most in your price range.

Bottom line, the new iPhone X is not necessary, but it is worth the price if you are willing to pay it. You choose if your budget allows for it, you choose how much you invest in a phone, but it is a purchase you won’t regret and will make great use out of.

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iAm Glad I Bought It?