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Humans of K: Rock and Brick

The cutest brick on campus. (Photo by Andrew Horton) The cutest brick on campus. (Photo by Andrew Horton)

As Spring term comes to a close and students begin leaving Kalamazoo College, a variety of new visitors have rocked the campus to its core. While these guests are shrouded in mystery, their stronghold seems to be the K College Library.

A few weeks ago, K students trekking to the library were greeted by an interesting sight: a cream and black brick with white lettering declaring “I am the Cutest Brick on Campus.” Once inside the library, a squat stone with googly eyes and rounded wire-rim glasses stood guard over the first-floor bookshelves with the phrase “I am the smartest stone on campus” emblazoned on its proud gray chest.

These seemingly benign new arrivals have ignited a firestorm of controversy across K’s campus, with students clashing in debates over these superlative stones’ intentionality.

“I think the stone and the brick are really representative of like, life at college, you know? We all came to K thinking we were the best at something and these rocks remind us of the pride we all hold as human beings,” Kasey Jones K’15 said.

Other students found themselves feeling personally victimized by these rocky visitors.

“I actually thought that the brick was super offensive. Why was a black and white brick chosen? What about all the other colors and types of brick that were marginalized?” asked Emily Daniels, K’18.

Still, other students appreciate the declarative brick and stone for their literal meaning.

“That brick is the cutest thing and I just wanted to eat it up!” said David Rileyson K’19. “Their smiling faces will really help me get through finals!”

Both the Brick and the Stone declined to comment in this article.

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Humans of K: Rock and Brick