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Humans of K

Humans of K: Charlotte Gavin K’18

Charlotte Gavin with Study for the Muses (Eaglesmere Version) by Brice Marden (Hadley Harrison / The Index) Charlotte Gavin with Study for the Muses (Eaglesmere Version) by Brice Marden (Hadley Harrison / The Index)

A clerk scans Charlotte Gavin’s K’18 outfit as she purchases a book from the museum gift shop. Her eyes settle on her necklace: a tiny egg pendant on a black ribbon. “I love your necklace,” she says. Gavin looks down and places her fingers on the pendant.

“Oh, thanks!” she replies. “I forgot I was wearing it,” she says with a laugh.

Gavin’s outfits usually distinguish her from a crowd. Today, she is wearing a light pink top that coordinates perfectly with Brice Marden’s Study for the Muses (Eaglesmere Version). She poses for a quick photo in front of the painting.

Gavin has spent the last quarter preparing for her study abroad program at the American University in Rome. She says she’s excited for many aspects of her time abroad, but one takes precedence: the proximity to art.

“It sounded like a really cool program. I’m excited to experience Rome as a nostalgic city,” she says.

As an Art History major, Gavin says her decision to study in Rome will impact her future in the major.

“I knew that I’d be seeing some of the churches I’ve studied and a lot of the frescoes I’ve looked at,” she says. “I really wanted to look at the Renaissance artists work that I’ve been looking at.”

Gavin has studied art from many different time periods and cultures, but she says impressionism is her favorite.

“I really dig the fluxus movement, but I also love impressionism and post impressionism. I find Van Gogh’s paintings so captivating. It’s so incredible that he was able to create these unnaturalistic representations of landscapes so early on in his career.”

Although her study abroad location is known for classical architecture, sculpture, painting, and mosaics, Gavin says she is excited to be immersed in a city known for its visual culture, and then to take that experience back to K.

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Humans of K: Charlotte Gavin K’18