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Hornets Break 5 Game Losing Streak with Homecoming Win


This years’ football team has ample talent, but had trouble winning games. Fortunately, they were able to play to their abilities for the Homecoming Game against Alma College and score an impressive win for the K community. The final score was 45-24.

Ronnie Russell ‘17 is one of two football players in his French class. As a whole, his peers decided to give the players a round of applause as a way to congratulate him and the rest of the team on the win.

“To have a class full of people that paid attention to the game and its outcome really meant a lot,” Russell said. “It felt great, like a family environment.”

A positive aspect of K is we have the opportunity to know our student athletes and recognize them for representing our school.

When asked why the game went so well, “The offense had their best game with both runs and passes, defense balled out shutting them out in the second half, and a lot of success on special teams.” Homecoming is something looked forward to on all spectrums, there are many special events that go on, and normally, a big event is a football game. “We knew we had to pull off a win, and with all the alumni and fans watching. It was especially rewarding to be able to give back that win to those who had come from all over to see it happen,” Russell said.

Josh Vance K’18 is currently out of the game because of an injury, but had the opportunity to notice the crowd and how it affected the players.

“This crowd was a lot bigger than I was used to,” Vance said. “It helped the team because when there is a larger crowd, we tend to get a more positive response, which encouraged us to fight back when we were down in the first quarter.”

He believes that the Homecoming game wasn’t just fun for the football team, but it was also fun for the crowd. The student section was energetic and almost full, a great way to show Hornet pride during Homecoming.

Alumni and former football player, Ryan Gregory K’13 was able to share his perspective from the stands.

“The crowd seemed real hype. It was a great turn out,” Gregory said. When asked to share some positive notes with the team, “it was encouraging to see the team fighting to get a win. They played for each other and you could see the difference.”

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Hornets Break 5 Game Losing Streak with Homecoming Win