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Hornet Athletics Cancelled

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All Kalamazoo College athletics have officially been cancelled forever. The lack of attendance to sporting events this year has caused the College to shut down school athletics for the foreseeable future.

What started as a lack of attendance to the soccer and football games in the fall has continued throughout the winter season. Record lows of attendance have been shown at countless events and the College feels athletic funding can be put towards a better cause.

Athletes had begun to protest the lack of attendance at games and matches by not practicing or participating in their respective sports. They have grown tired of the away teams having more fans at K home games than the home teams, and their home advantage is non-existent.

Anderson will be repurposed as a second library in response to complaints of the lack of space in the current library. The weight room, basketball courts and dance studio will not be replaced anywhere else on campus. The field house and athletic fields will be torn down and construction will begin to add a dairy farm to campus.

The dairy farm will include a few barns and livestock. Also there will be a building that will be used for lecture and research purposes in the field of dairy farming. The study of dairy farming will focus on cheese production. “We are very excited to be adding this program to campus and many students have expressed their interest in participating in the program,” says one chief administrator.

The Markin racquet center and the natatorium will also be torn down, and in their place new dorms will be built. Construction will begin later this year and will hopefully be finished for the class of 2040. These new dorms will include all the latest technology and a dartboard to allow the former athletes a chance to continue their athletic careers.

Additionally, the former athletes have been chosen as the designers of the new dorms.  They can add whatever deemed necessary, as long as it has nothing to do with sports. Since athletics has been cut, they are putting the money towards the new dorms and have decided that the former athletes should be the designers of the new building. This is only a small restitution for what they have lost, but is one way the school hopes to please the former athletes.

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Hornet Athletics Cancelled