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Hornet Alum Runs for State Representative

Darrin Camilleri is running for state representative (via Darrin Camilleri) Darrin Camilleri is running for state representative (via Darrin Camilleri)

Darrin Camilleri, who graduated from Kalamazoo College with the Class of 2014, has launched his campaign for State Representative in Michigan’s 23rd House District.
Camilleri, a high school social studies teacher in Southwest Detroit, spent his time at K studying political science and English, and serving as Student Commission President. His interest in politics, however, began in middle school, when he “played the role of John Kerry in my school’s mock presidential debate,” Camilleri said.
As he progressed through school, so did his political yearnings. In high school, he dedicated his time to the Obama campaign and upon matriculating at K, one of the first StuOrgs he signed up for was the College Democrats.
“That year, Democrats lost every election across the state, but that only increased my interest to stay involved in the process,” Camilleri said.
At K, he was also one of the speakers at its teach­in against Governor Snyder’s education cuts which led him, along with other K students, to take a bus to Lansing to protest.
Camilleri’s experiences at K were vital in assisting his current political career, and he urges all those interested in politics to get involved.
Camilleri explained how serving as Student Commission President prepared him for the future.
“I learned how to organize people and work with coalitions to get things done,” he said,  “in that role, I had to adapt to the needs of our students and the College, all while trying to build an organization that empowered students to tap into their own leadership potential. It was a tough job, but I know that it prepared me well for working in the State Legislature because effective communication and building coalitions is the only way that we’re going to make meaningful policy for Michigan’s working people.”
He recommends for those that are interested to volunteer for political campaigns, and he notes how local elected officials are among the most accessible public servants who are also usually the most willing to show the ropes to the less experienced.
In addition to volunteering for the Obama campaign, teaching in Southwest Detroit, and running for State Representative, Camilleri enjoys playing pick­up basketball and binge watching shows on Netflix.

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Hornet Alum Runs for State Representative