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Holiday Celebrations and a Look at the President’s Energy Plan

Last week Arabs celebrated Nowruz, the Persian New Year. Iran hosted five heads of state and other important officials for celebrations,invoking controversy from Iranians who have mixed feelings about if it really is an Iranian holiday. Originally a Zoroastrian celebration, Nowruz harkens back to Iran’s Persian roots which are used politically to find ties to other Arab nations. Read about how it has affected Iranian politics.

The sidewalks at school are chalked and ready for our next elections, so it is a perfect time to start looking into the 2012 presidential elections and figure out who the GOP will choose to run. Read Politico’s guide to the election here.

President Obama released his renewed energy plan that focuses on a commitment to reduce dependency on foreign oil. His newest challenge: the senate is voting on restricting the EPA’s ability to control greenhouse gas emissions. A bill blocking the EPA from regulating emissions has already passed in the house, and is coming before the senate possible today, and though the White House has promised to veto any such bill, with enough votes it could re-pass in both houses and become law.

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Holiday Celebrations and a Look at the President’s Energy Plan