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Hip Hop Collective Performs at Zoo After Dark

Ronnie Russell K’17 performs (Van Forsman / The Index)

Artists from the Hip Hop Intercultural Conference performed at Zoo After Dark in the Hicks Center on Saturday, April 30. The acts began with a performance by Kalamazoo College students Ronnie Russell K’17 and Jonathan Evans K’18, who performed a track that they had written and produced.

The next performer was Kenny Muhammad, the Human Orchestra. Kenny performed several songs. Instead of using words, Muhammad beatboxed. Muhammad made a wide variety of sounds, from deep bass notes to high treble notes throughout his performance.

After Kenny Muhammad, Mu, a rapper from Detroit, performed. The first rapper of the night, Mu’s act lasted a quick three songs, each one in which he put loads of passion and emotion.

Super MC, the main act of the night, came on after Mu. Super MC performed the longest block of songs. At one point, he also broke out into spoken word poetry about the current situation for the black community in Detroit.

Then Miz Korona came up. Her rapping was just as passionate and she was just as committed to the performance as the other acts before her.

After Miz Korona’s performance, Super MC came out one more time and did another couple of songs to wrap things up.

DJ Los provided the music for every performance of the night. His Music featured an eclectic set of samples, from Stevie Wonder’s “Higher Ground” to bluesy guitar solos. This gave the music a feeling that it was more than just rap– it was music that came before as well.

“I’m not from Detroit. I’m from Ann Arbor, and seeing these artists perform made me feel like I got to know what it’s like to actually be from Detroit,” said Thea Givens K’19.

“I was just impressed that [Kalamazoo] College actually did this,” said Grant Lobert K’19. “They brought in legitimate rappers in to perform to us. That was really cool.”

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Hip Hop Collective Performs at Zoo After Dark