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Senior Individualized Project

Hillberry SIP Symposium 2017

The Kalamazoo College English Department Hillberry SIP Symposium was held this past weekend. It featured presentations given by Seniors pertaining to the SIPs that they did within the English realm. These presentations were grouped into different panels based on similar themes, such as “Feminisms” and “Squaring Religion”.

Izzie Kerivan’s SIP entitled “Things Left Unsaid: A Semi-Voluntary Silence” was placed under the “Dark and Quiet Spaces” Panel. Kerivan reflected on the SIP process, “For me it was a great way to wrap up everything I learned at K,” she said. “I used book and my ideas going all the way back to my first year seminar.”

Kerivan used sign language to help tell the story of her poetry. “I used American Sign Language (ASL) to explore silence the way I experienced it in my life. It was really going back to my final project in Di Seuss’s first year seminar to answer the question of how I found my voice,” Kerivan said.

A fan favorite was Nicole Huff’s ‘17 SIP entitled “Black Girl Magic and Lemonade: A Collection of Short Stories.” Within this SIP, Huff talked about negotiating identities and worked in conversation with Beyoncé’s new album Lemonade.

Trisha Dunham ‘17 combined the writing and filmmaking for her Senior Individualized Project. “I created a series of documentary news features that focuses on the Kalamazoo community. My goal with this project was to engage with the community that supports the college so much and create content that these organizations could use,” Dunham said.

Many notice the SIP as an important capstone to end their career at K as it is supposed to be an individual scholarly work. Dunham agrees with this notion. “I would say this project was a perfect capstone for my time at K. I was able to utilize all of the skills I learned from the English, Media, and Anthropology and Sociology departments to create a project that I was passionate about,” Dunham explained.

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Hillberry SIP Symposium 2017