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Hillary Clinton: Problematic, But Still has My Vote

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On April 11, Hillary Clinton announced via video that she would be running for president in the upcoming 2016 election. While she doesn’t have the official Democratic nomination yet, she is the first member of the party to announce her presidential intentions.

However, many progressives believe Clinton is not the right woman for the job. Citing issues like foreign policies, capitalist leanings, environmental policies, support of NSA surveillance, and continuing culture wars against certain members of the populace, progressives encourage the electorate to find another candidate to support.

While feminists have also been vying for Clinton’s presidential run, many are also disillusioned with her particular brand of women’s advocacy.

Clinton is reflective of a kind of U.S. liberal feminism, which, although supports women, also embraces corporate capitalism, racism, imperialism, and even heterosexism and transphobia.

Although Clinton is a profound women’s rights advocate, her advocacy deals with mainly white, middle-class women’s issues, and doesn’t really take intersectionality into account.

While I recognize that Clinton is problematic, this will not keep me from supporting her over the other candidates vying for the 2016 presidency.

No other Democrats have officially announced they will be running, although many have stated that they are considering the option. The only other potential female candidate, Elizabeth Warren, has vehemently denied having an interest in running.

As of now, Clinton is the only option for the left. And to be honest, after looking at some of the options the far right is serving up on the presidential platter, I would much rather take Hillary over Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, or Rand Paul.

American two-party politics has become a complicated mess over the years, with elections often boiling down to voters picking the lesser of two evils. Both the Democrats and Republicans have become parties for the upper class, with many of them ignoring the needs of a good chunk of the electorate. But this doesn’t mean we should despair: I actually encourage more people to go out and vote in the next presidential election.

While Clinton may not be the perfect politician, she is not the only American politician with a dirty history.

At the end of the day, I’d rather have a somewhat problematic, but still liberal, president moving this country forward than a tightly controlled far-right wing male keeping the United States in the 1950s.

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Hillary Clinton: Problematic, But Still has My Vote