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Health Center Offers Free Flu Shots

Kalamazoo College recognizes that physical and mental health significantly influences one’s ability to participate fully in the College community. The Student Health Center strives to enhance each student’s well being by providing comprehensive, confidential health care and by encouraging informed, individual participation on health related decisions. These services come at a free or low cost.

How to Make an Appointment: Call the Student Health Center for an appointment at 269-337-7200 or visit the office in Hicks Center. Call ahead if you cannot keep your appointment, otherwise a missed appointment may result in a charge to your student account.

Walk-Ins: Although an appointment may be more time effective, walk-ins are allowed. However, it is not guaranteed that a walk-in will be able to be seen at that time. Students with a scheduled appointment will receive priority.

Class Excuse: The Student Health Center does not provide a class excuse. During a student’s visit, you may request a receipt as verification of the visit but it is up to the professor’s discretion to excuse you from class.

Confidentiality: No access to health records, phone information, or receipts from visits by others is allowed without the student’s written permission.

Website: Check out the Student Health Center’s website to see the total comprehensive list of services provided and emergency contact phone numbers. https://reason.kzoo.edu/healthcenter/

Other Resources on Campus: All dorms have an area where you are able to pick up health care items such as cough drops, over the counter pain medication, and condoms.

It’s that time again: Flu Season. The Student Health Center is offering walk-in free flu shots every Wednesday 1-4 PM and other days by appointment. In an effort to raise flu vaccination college students, the Michigan Department of Community Health launched a new challenge this year group, among Michigan colleges and universities. School health centers have volunteered for a friendly competition amongst each other to see who can get the highest percent of their students vaccinated against flu this season. In order for a university or college to win the challenge, their students will need to self-report their flu vaccination online at www.surveymonkey.com/s/flubattle. Students must include the school they attend, the month they were vaccinated, and their age. The winning schools will be announced by MDCH during National Influenza Vaccination Week, December 7-13, 2014.

Peer Health Advocates (PHA) is a student leadership group on campus that focuses on the health issues and needs of the campus community. The Peer Health Advocates are committed to supporting their fellow students and empowering them to make healthy choices by connecting them to campus resources and offering education related to health and wellness. The club strives to honor the individuality and diversity present in our student body, and to serve each student’s individual needs with diligence and compassion. There are three main goals on campus for PHA: one) to utilize communication strategies to influence behavior change on campus, two) to advocate for student health and wellness by providing workshops and facilitating referrals to professional and clinical staff on camps resources, three) to develop a student driven effort to create a healthier campus through participation in campus committees and governing bodies.

Think you might be interested in joining the PHA program?

Email Jennifer Combes at jcombes@kzoo.edu

*PHA members also provide Emergency Contraception for $20. Contact info of students that have it is posted in dorms and outside the student health center.

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Health Center Offers Free Flu Shots