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H.I.V.E Set to Replace K-Crew

H.I.V.E. Co-Coordinator Kira Castle '09 at her desk (Andrew Parsons / The Index) H.I.V.E. Co-Coordinator Kira Castle '09 at her desk (Andrew Parsons / The Index)

After nine years of providing campus tours and hosting prospective students at Kalamazoo College, K-Crew will be dissolved and replaced by H.I.V.E, the Holistic Inclusive Visitor Experience.

K-Crew will continue to serve as Kalamazoo College’s visitor experience through the end of the Fall quarter, until H.I.V.E is fully formed. H.I.V.E will then assume all of K-Crew’s responsibilities starting in the Winter of 2016.

The desire to not just reform, but completely rebrand the visitor experience began last year following the intercultural center movement at K, according to Kira Castle K’09, H.I.V.E. Co-Coordinator.

“The idea started with our admissions office interns,” Castle said, who found that K-Crew was not as functional as it could be.

“We’re not really restructuring K-Crew,” Castle said. “Because H.I.V.E. will do all the same duties, it can look that way, but really we’re building a new organization.”

“There was definitely an awareness within [K-Crew] that it was perhaps not as representative of the K student body as we would like it to be,” Castle said, identifying problems with K-Crew. “Our K-Crew students weren’t as diverse as the K Student body is.”

With the formation of H.I.V.E, Castle hopes that the student body will be better reflected, seeing the establishment of the new organization as an “effort to diversify.”

“The ‘Inclusive’ of H.I.V.E. is both outwardly and inwardly focused,” said Castle as she explained H.I.V.E.’s differences. The organization will work to show prospective students every corner of campus from a variety of perspectives, and strives to be an anti-oppression organization.

Isabelle Ciaramitaro K’16, current K-Crew intern, mentioned that in addition to being “intentional about being inclusive,” H.I.V.E will be “smoother and more organized.”

One of the most noticeable changes for members will be the restructured compensation system. K-Crew is a volunteer organization, rewarding members on a point system. “But for some populations of K, they need it as a campus job. K-Crew was not really allowing everyone to participate who wanted to,” Castle said.

“Participating is a great way to not only lead and interact with people, but to understand both the pros and cons of the K experience,” Ciaramitaro said.

There are 78 positions available for the H.I.V.E. organization. Applications close to current K-Crew members on October 5th and all K students on October 26th. Find out more at reason.kzoo.edu/hive/.

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H.I.V.E Set to Replace K-Crew