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Greg Brown Looks Back on His 40-Year Career

Greg Brown (above) has served at Kalamazoo College with Facilities Management for over 40 years

Greg Brown (above) has served at Kalamazoo College with Facilities Management for over 40 years

For the past 40 years Gregory Brown has been involved with the Kalamazoo College Athletics and Facilities Management departments.

Starting in 1974 Brown began volunteering at the Field House and in 1988 he was officially added to the Kalamazoo College Athletic Staff. He has served as the assistant equipment manager, manager for the baseball team, security at the field house, and helps with equipment during the USTA tennis tournament in the summer.

Brown grew up in Kalamazoo and has always been affiliated with the campus.

“My dad went to K and graduated in ’37, I’ve always been connected with K,” said Brown.

Brown most enjoys the fall and spring season sports but specifically looks forward to the drama the winter brings.

“I like basketball because you never know what kind of road conditions there are going to be in the winter time,” said Brown.

Although Brown has grown to love K sports his main interests lay in trains. He has two model train sets at home and enjoys watching films that feature trains, said Brown.

He also passes on his love of trains to future generations by taking a few of the student workers to America’s largest Railroad Museum in Union Illinois. The museum is one of Brown’s favorite places to visit

“I take my student workers every year to go there,” said Brown. “It’s considered the best regional museum around the Midwest.”

Brown most enjoys working with other coaches, staff and students. During his time at K, Coach Van Nicket, the assistant football coach, has been most inspirational. Nicket has been at K before Brown started volunteering on campus and has been a close friend and mentor since that time.

“He and I have been here the longest,” said Brown.

Throughout Brown’s 40 years at K he has seen a myriad of events occur. Not only has he seen students and colleagues come and go but has witnessed the campus change structurally, culturally, and socially. Through it all Brown has served the students as assistant equipment manager and plans to continue as long as he can.

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Greg Brown Looks Back on His 40-Year Career