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Everything You Need to Know For Fall Quarter

Living Learning House (Robert Manor/The Index)

Updates you need to know on fall housing

Starting today the Fall 2015 Housing Process begins for seniors. Juniors will begin their process on Thursday, and sophomores on Friday. There have been some changes to the process, including different requirements and online resources for students.

Due to the difficulties with housing that occurred last year, juniors are no longer required to live on campus, Dana Jansma, Associate Dean of Students for residential life, said.

“As the college has grown a little bit we can’t require juniors to live on campus if we can’t provide enough housing for them all,” Jansma said. “We can’t require something we can’t provide”

Jansma said that this year’s large sophomore class, as well as the desire to provide juniors who choose not to go abroad to have more options, led Residential Life to decide to allow juniors to have the option live off campus.

“Allowing juniors to move off, I think it’s going to be the best of both worlds,” Jansma said. “Some juniors in the past have felt like, ’well if I don’t go on study abroad I’m stuck living on campus. If I don’t want to [go abroad] I can’t have a more independent living experience.’”

Although juniors now have the option to live off campus, Jansma said that she is dedicated to helping anyone who would like to live on campus to have the opportunity to do so.

“I’ve never had a problem with accommodating people who want to live on campus, so I don’t anticipate that there’s going to be an issue.”

Every year, Jansma sets aside the number of spaces for incoming first-years, sophomores, visiting international, and transfer students, and then however many spaces are left is how many spaces juniors and seniors can sign up for.

A new addition to the system this year is a Google Doc that lays out the different room availability, details, and floor plans for upper classmen residence halls. This idea was brought to Jansma by Grace Smith ’17, who also helped to create the system.

Jansma anticipates that this new system will help to create a less stressful experience for students.

“This will help ease people’s anxiety of not knowing,” said Jansma. “If someone comes in and they’re the proxy for everybody and things are filled and they don’t know what to do I think it helps people be more planful.”

In addition to the typical residence halls that students may choose to live in, there are also a few living learning houses that remain unfilled, said Jansma.

“We have a couple living learning houses available, which is really weird, because usually they’re all filled,” said Jansma.

Jansma said that the Office of Residential Life is always open to new ideas like Smith’s.

“Anytime we can provide more choices for people I think it’s good.”

For more information on:

Living Learning houses: Christina Fritz Christina.Fritz@kzoo.edu

Google Docs: https://docs.google.com/document/d/17BnKDKAwA5cz55YqL6HSfAa9WZxPvjjVopXs_IknAQE/edit

Housing in general: Dana Jansma Dana.Jansma@kzoo.edu


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Everything You Need to Know For Fall Quarter