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Getting to Know Ryan Orr

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It often takes first year student athletes a period of time before they are fully adjusted to the time-consuming academics and the strict demand and commitment of being a collegiate athlete. K’s new baseball star Ryan Orr ’18 is definitely one unique college first year.

He showed up to the 10 o’clock interview five minutes late because he was getting in some extra conditioning late on a Friday night. Orr is an athlete who always believes he can be better, even if that means sacrifices some social activities on a Friday night to do training instead. He currently bats right-handed, but hopes by his senior year he will be a successful switch hitter.

His strong ambitions and drive to always be better are one of the reasons baseball Coach Mike Ott has repeatedly said that Orr has the potential to be very special.

In his remarkably short time at K Orr has already received athletic honors. Last week he was named the MIAA Pitcher of the Week after tossing a complete game three hitter against Alma that also included five strikeouts and one walk.

On top of his superb week, Orr is also having a stellar season. His ERA of 1.80 is currently the lowest ERA of MIAA pitchers that have started at least one game this season. He is also third in strikeouts in the MIAA with 26 through eight plate appearances this season.

Outside of his strong commitment to K baseball, Orr also likes to support other K athletics. He is often seen at other campus sporting events cheering on the swim team, lacrosse team, and others. “It’s important [for me] to support the other athletes because I want to support them so they can come out and support us [the baseball team],” says Orr.

Though it seems his life revolves around sports, he wants to be a business major when he declares next year. He also has been a contributing writer to The Index and thinks that one day he could see himself being a sports writer, preferably covering baseball of course.

Orr comes from Bath, Mich. so that obviously makes him a Detroit Tigers fan. He also has a place in his heart for the Cincinnati Reds, however. He loved watching Ken Griffey, Jr. so much growing up that his fandom for the Cincinnati Reds was born. However, when pushed enough he will admit that Ian Kinsler is his Detroit Tiger.

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Getting to Know Ryan Orr